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Miss Delirium Tremens Bio

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All about Miss DT

Miss Delirium Tremens is a sultry, sexy siren. As her name suggests, seeing Miss DT perform may induce sweating, trembling and desperate hallucinations. With acts ranging from classy to camp, you never know quite what to expect. Will she be a 50s-style starlet, punk rock chick with an attitude, Bettie Page look-alike or a kitten with a dexterous tongue? You'll need to see her to find out.

miss dt

Miss DT performed frequently all around New York City at nights such as Mr. Choad's Upstairs Downstairs and the Hot Box at the Slipper Room, Le Scandal, Starshine Burlesque at Rififi, Pinchbottom Burlesque at Collective: Unconscious, and many others. She has also performed in the NY Burlesque Festival, Tease-o-rama, and Miss Exotic World. Click here for upcoming appearances.

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