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Miss Delirium Tremens Modeling

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Underground Aristocracy

Billy Caldwell
Scott F. Lanes
Misa Martin
Dale Rio
Josh Rubin
Marla Rutherford
Paule Saviano
Robert Schaffer
Don Spiro

Varla Magazine Issue #8
Propaganda Issue #28
SM Sniper (Japanese Magazine)
Playboy Fantasmes (French Offshoot of Playboy) Issue 9 (October 2003)
Lui Issue 21 (October 2003)
Time Out New York Issue 422 (Halloween 2003)
Marquis Magazine, no 30, 2004
Gothic Beauty Magazine, issue 12, spring 2004
Mercy, issue 3, spring/summer 2004
Marquis no 33, 2005--Marla Rutherford Fetish Photo Portfolio


If you are a photographer interested in shooting with Delirium, please send an e-mail with all the pertinent details, including:

1) Your name and website address or other sample of your work
2) The potential date(s) and location of shoot
3) Aim of shoot--what are the pictures to be used for?
4) Type of compensation provided
5) Are makeup/clothing/hair provided?

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